Friday, 5 October 2012


Wow, haven't done one of these in forever so this is going to be quick and dirty but also enormous. Sounds like fun.

FISTICUFFS! Two NYC businessmen fight over a taxi in the financial district. Good to know these chaps are looking after the world's cashola. link

Here - have some predictions of how current technology will develop into the future. Seriously, have it, it's fascinating. link via @matt_muir

Crazy cat lady takes it to the next level - with GUNS! link

Remember when you used to blow into your NES / GameBoy cartridges if they weren't working? Yeah, it's official, that didn't help. link

Wearable dog tail that wags when you're happy. Keep on inventing, Japan, never stop. link

Celebrity / animal hybrids rendered in watercolour. Too good. Have made a purchase. link via Arthur de Bore

Prince the talking dog. It's super old-school and I don't know how I've managed to miss it in my life. It is top friggin notch - RRRRRAUSAGES! link

Psychedelic AbFab style ad for cat litter - seriously good. link via @sergethew

When is a bald eagle not a bald eagle... link

This cheered me up. link

Facebook have done their first ever tv ad. It's a flagrant ploy to reassure people that all they're about human connections instead of raking in the ad dollar through your data. It is cheesy chair balls. FAIL. link

How to scare (the shit out of) a bear. link

This Lego contraption is like watching insanity. Amazing. link

Nice work Count Prickular. link via Kat

Say it with puppies. link

Hot men with dogs? Go on then. link via @hotbarchick

Seriously spot on 'fuck you' to Mitt Romney and the teabilly fucksticks. link

How to steal the show. I want to be or be with this man. link

Get your coroporo-gibberish on with this business jargon dictionary - time to open the kimono! *shoots self in head* link

Gifs with sound montage - some golds in there. link

Sweat the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow. Fuck I love Skittles. link

So, the "Buttchugging" press conference happened.  Quite awesome stuff. The homophobia woven into this nothing short of spectacular.  link via Campari Jack (happy birthday to you mr jack.)

Parkour Squirrel. link

Hammfest. Mmm, Hamm. link

And if that wasn't enough linkage for you, here have a META INCEPTION LINK - it's a link to more links. LINK!

Yup, that was a total mess with a disproportionate amount of animal kingdom action. Hope you enjoyed it.

Friday, 13 July 2012

ERMAHGERD it's Friday


Cat that looks like a pug = Lil Bub. link

So... Chanel No. 5 is genuinely made out of cat's ass. For realsies. link

Design student gives himself 3 days to makeover / rebrand Microsoft - impressive and they should hire the hell out of him. link

Trannies? Weak. Trannimals? - Now that's some strong stuff right there. link

Woman live-blogs a couple breaking up on a train - special. link

This is the strangest oyster-shell based art I ever did saw. link

Man responds to a job offer from a private healthcare company - a searingly good read. link

Nic Cage + cats x photoshop = link

If you have an iphone you'll be wanting this app so you can write over your photos and turn them into posters. link

I'm comic sans, asshole. link is fucking funny.

Marketing lessons from Nigerian scammers. Brillo. link

Bill Murray is going on a gate-crashing party rampage. He's also looking pretty derelichte. link

Best IMDB description ever? The trivia section is also a treat. link ht @emeraldfennell

'Tabloid' the fillum looks amazing. Who wants to watch with me? We can eat some retrolicious looking popcorn while we're at it.

Lobster knife fights. link

Adopt a word. link

Stephen Hawking reads out 50 Shades of Weak Porn for Middle Aged Ladies' naughtiest passage. link

Best picture from the opening of the Shard. link

UM UM UM. WHAT? UM. Shave the baby? link

Wowzies. Japanese ad shows you what vaginal odour looks like - hint, it looks like some sort of fish monster, which is what I suspected all along. link

The day that Vice Magazine out-viced themselves. Reporter interviews Danny Dyer on acid. Pretty goddamn funny actually. link

WINTERNET - drunk man serenades his cat with Seal's Kiss From a Rose

This little girl is awesome. 

Trololo Cat - yes.

Men throwing rocks with their 'other' hand

Leadership lessons from the lone dancing guy - I love this. 

The Muppets + Soul Clap = 


Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Long time no nothing from me. I have been on Twitter instead.
Anyway, I'm partially back - here's this kid:

thanks @emeraldfennell

Friday, 4 May 2012

Linking Tower of Pisa

It has been so long since I done a Friday link load and there are now SO many here that if you're not careful, your computer will simply topple over sideways.

Batstache? Hello husband. link via @moltinggent

Famous Folk Nonesense:
  • Dander in the rumpus room - ranty note from Werner Herzog to his cleaning lady is no less top notch for being a fake. Must read. link via @fede_r1c0
  • Oh hi James Vanderbeek, you look busy, I'll come back later. link
  • Pay attention. Prince is trying to teach you some life lessons. Life lessons are divided into two topics; sex and love - there is nothing else. link
  • YAY! Mental galactic adventure with Adrien Brody. Gets extra good around 2mins. link via @pierrehawkes
  • HA! Guess who this handsome 70s chump is? Clue: it's Simon Cowell. link
  • Who wants to lick Richard Branson's face? Be warned, you'll have to pay through the nose and your tongue might get stuck. link via @copyranter
  • God, Chris Brown's top cuntery continues apace - now with hideous children's toys. link
  • Jack Nicholson figuring out Twitter. link
  • All the coaches on The Voice singing together - sweet, cringing agony. So bad. link via @pierrehawkes.  On a positive note, my friend Bo is doing very well on the show cos she's fugging excellent, get a load of this loveliness: Holding the Light by Bo Bruce. 

About the Internet:
  • So, you're a card-hacking, identity-thieving crim, how do you make sure the feds don't infiltrate your gang? Threesomes of course. link
  • I fugging hate emoticons but emoticons made out of my own actual glorious face? Bravo Skype, BRAVO. link
  • Web 3.0 - why Facebook and Google might disappear altogether. link
  • Facebook Edgerank, what you need to know if you give a damn. link via @lakey
  • Anti Negative SEO, yeah I don't know either, something to do with penguins and the new Google algorithm. link
  • Forget your Klout score, get your score. 

  • Existential noir cat is almost too French to function. link thanks Harry & Jack
  • Tramamamamamampoline bear! link
  •  Joy Division as performed by cat slaps on an ironing board. link via @benkaywriter
  • Yeah, just swimming in mah pool with mah fucking giganto polar bear. link
  • Hermit crab moves into Lego shell. link
  • Dog really loves bike - just hugging though. link
  • - dogs in bee costumes
  • Sexy executive won't stop till he gets to the boardroom, no matter how many secretary's legs he has to hump along the way. link

From the Internet:
  • This could do with some added swearing but the sentiment is there. link via @garethaveyard
  • "Hi-Five! No, NOT YOU." Excellently mean prankery which we'd all fall for. link
  • Haunted Kleenex ad from Japan - everyone involved died. Worth it, very high production values. link via @emeraldfennell
  • Titanic Abridged -  HA! link via @awoooooga
  • Wonderful. Seriously wonderful. Dad takes brilliant photos of his two daughters with apparent scant regard for their safety. Really great. link
  • Some smile-cracking examples of Facebook timeline profile pics. link
  • Sharks with laser beams. Shame the realisation of this worldwide dream came to pass in the pursuit of some Facebook likes. link
  • The deflating tail is the icing on this faceplant cake. link

The Lady Parts Part:
  • Does exactly what it does on the vial: nsfw, also, Wow. 
  • Knitted cervixes for one and all. link sfw via @matt_muir
  • Gynecologist said what? link sfw lady rofls. 

Muy Excellente News Stories:
  • Corking Crank-style crime spree, includes smearing faeces on law degrees. Corking. link
  • Welsh tourists drunkenly break into Sea World, swim with dolphins, let fire extinguisher off by shark tank and steal penguin. Heart. link

Plain Old Int-er-esting:
  • My brains made me do it: neuroscience reckons free will is a load of old balls - I'm off to behave badly with aplomb and damn the consequences then. link
  • Daily Mail porn panic. link
  • Whatcha doin'? Just hanging out, generating fugging awesome ideas like it's no big deal. link
  • Not giving a fuck - why it's important and how to give less of one - a good guide. link via @tremulantdesign

Hip Hooray for Miscellaneous Crap (fairly similar to 'From the Internet' just with a bit more crap):
  • - enough miscellaneous crap to fill a website. Gems aplenty.
  • Ping Tron = yes. link
  • Haughty starfish. link TM @garethaveyard
  • Abu Hamza key hook. Oh, very clever. link via @michelangeob
  • - extremely relaxing and much less depressing than the actual grey skies outside. via @duncangeere
  • Scare the children with a terrifying game of Happy Families. link
  • WWII + pig in a coat + bottle of wine. What the damn skippy is going on in this picture? link
  • WANT - beautiful wooden cocktail campervan. link
  • Bad lipreading of Gotye's Someone I used to know. Silly. Funny. link
  • Cannot wait for this Cannes Lion worthy Hit Biscuit ad to hit our screens. link

I leave you with the Senor Coconut version of Daft Punk's Around the World and this magical blossoming tree house explosion of wonderment. Bet it just looks weird and creepy when the blossom blows away. link

WellityWell on Twitter and Facebook.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


This is the best trailer EVER for a film I truly hope exists - Dead Sushi. It's a horror film about killer sushi. It is seriously excellent.

Via @idltalk

Monday, 30 April 2012

The Day I Became Nicolas Cage. Sort Of

Hello all, am all better now. Out of hospital and feeling spry thanks to the lovely, lovely blood transfusion. I now have a sneaking suspicion that I am Nic Cage's character in Vampire's Kiss, a film which I haven't even seen yet but looks amazing, where Cage goes mental after being bitten during sexy times by a sexy lady and convinces himself he's a vampire. Standard. (Brucie Bonus - here's a video of Nic Cage denying he's a vampire on Letterman.)

To celebrate my transformation into a fictional character played by Nic Cage, here's a totally unrelated video of a man using a sander to make 1km's worth of a4 paper shoot off onto the floor in a very hypnotic fashion. Is nice.

Seamless post. *Pats self on back*

Via You Might Like This

Friday, 27 April 2012

Bite Me


So today I am not being allowed to eat or drink anything in preparation for some fun tests to work out why I went all translucent. In fact the last thing I had to eat was a piece of white toast 24 hours ago. The result is that I am tired and extremely grumpy. Lovely friends have visited me and all have brought snacks which are now mocking me from various corners of the room. I've pervily taken to sniffing the M&S honeycomb crispies and tentatively licking Mini Cheddars and pork scratchings without the snacks noticing.

Everywhere I look I see food, including on t'internet. The cruellest find had to be this burger jumper, not only did it make me lick the screen (I'M ALLOWED TO LICK THINGS, ALRIGHT?) but it turns out it's not even a real fucking jumper. It's just a photoshop mock up by a pair of cunts called Greta and Alex. 'Non-existent clothing', yeah, that's a thing now. The article about Greta and Alexs' Sexy Sweaters blog on Vice (of COURSE it's on Vice) is such unutterable bullshit that I think it has to be a joke, but it might be a knowing joke in which case everyone must die.

I'm going for a rage nap. See you on the other side.


Thursday, 26 April 2012

The 'I'm Too Sickly For My Bed-Shirt' Playlists

Have found myself a bunch of new moozac I like - three cheers for the hospital playlists.

Logged a bunch on Spotify:
For general 'Hells Yesses' and new discoveries: Starred
For a raucous set of foot stompers: ORF with the roof
For a curious selection: Mixed Bag o' YES
For some rancho relaxo: Practically Horizontal

And below is Jasmine by Jai Paul, have been listening to it repeatedly and getting busted rolling my head around and looking blissed out with my headphones on by the nurses. (Well it's not from drugs is it you witches? Still haven't been prescribed anything interesting - and blood doesn't count, even if it IS from virgins.) Anyway, the bass is deep and woozy and insistent and circular. Awesome guitar, TIMELY CLAPPING and beaut voice. Listen loud.

Found Jai Paul via 22 Tracks which is a great source for new stuff - always like the relax playlist by Venz.
Also thanks to Henry, Vinay, Nick and Tom (C, not golden beard) for recent finds.
Some crossover and extra favourites on Soundcloud too.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pass the Smelling Salts

Hey kids, I have been unwellity well and am languishing in hospital watching programmes about police chases and giant catfish, so I'm going to get my shit together and get some posting done.

I was being all dramatic and old fashioned by fainting and swooning whenever I stood up; it wasn't a huge concern for me as I would happily be chaise-bound for life if it meant being waited on and fanned, but medical science said, "NO, we've come past that, get your pale ass into a backless gown." Which I duly did and they pumped me full of lovely other peoples' blood (see fig a.) and now I am feeling much better.

(figure a.)

Here is a dress I bought from the gorgeous Coco Fennell to flounce around in when I'm discharged.

Circus! Circus! Limited Edition Dress

Just photoshop / imagine my lolling head over the lovely model's - clearly a SMASH HIT. 

Then I had a trawl over Coco's blog and found this outrageously sexy photo:

Again, just photoshop my loll and set it in silhouette and BLAMMO, that is how you stay sexy in hospital. 

Thought for the day? 
When it comes to man-eating catfish, the greatest killer.... IS MAN. Except when it's catfish but that's very rare.

Other thought for the day? (sometimes there's room for two)
Give blood. Give it all to me. 
Sure, I'll give some too. Later. 

P.s - I am fine and happily accepting flowers and gifts. 

Friday, 20 April 2012

So Freaking Enigmatic

Meet The World's Most Downloaded Man; Brazilian photographer Fernando Martins goes to meet Jesper Bruun a male model who can not only turn left but whose ridiculously good looking features are cornering the stock photo market and making life very difficult for professional photographers like Martins who rely on commissioned work.

This film is just off-key in the best possible way, it held my gnat-span for over four minutes, which must be something of a record these days. It's got awkward, it's got jawlines and it's got plot twists galore. Sort of. Watch it:

via Time

Toy + Caption = Joy

Aled Lewis does illustrations, they're cracking and silly and smile-inducing, his site and flickr are definitely worth a trawl. I think this is my favourite.


"You used to be cool."
You Used To Be Cool.

"That awkward moment when you wave at someone you think is waving at you."

And these are from his new Toy Stories book
Toy Stories

Friday, 23 March 2012

Who needs Friday links?

Who needs photoshop when you have Lol Safari? link

Who needs a date with a motherfreaking SEA CAPTAIN? @chrisjvernon found this and everyone can pack up and go home now because it's the best thing on the internet. link

Who needs to feel warm and fuzzy about a red panda playing with a pumpkin? link

Who needs to know how to pronounce meme? link

Who needs to know about the origins of the word 'douche'? link

Who needs to see something awesome which they hope won't be ruined by Britain's Got Talent? link

Who needs to hear a father screaming DO THE PIZZA at his daughter on the slopes? link

Who needs a new car... and wants to buy it off an ex gynecologist? link

Who needs to witness the best national anthem FAIL of the year? link

Who needs some useless but excellent crap? link

Who needs meteorologists when you've got John's Weather Forecasting Stone? link

Who needs some Chow-time bath-time? link

Who needs two full sized hands? Not these guys. link

Who needs a seed merchant? You should try J A Simmers. link

Who needs to respond to a sign with another, extremely sarky sign? link

Who needs to see Jake Gyllenhaal slaying hipsters in fencing garb? link

Who needs a bloody alarm system when you've got a (sort of) lion? link

Who needs a hug? Go tell your therapist about it and have a fun weekend.

Thanks Dom, Gringo, @chrisjvernon, @awooooooga, @sergethew, @b3ta_links and others.


That is indeed Obama getting a buzz trim done by Nelly. And yes, it's pretty frickin' VIP. 
Spotted it in Lagos, think it's pretty unbeatable. 

Photo taken by Charlize Finnigan.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


L.A.S.E.R.G.A.S.M aka Topographic Projections & Implied Geometries by Jim Sanborn, I frigging wish there was a video of him doing these but I canne find one. we'll just have to make do with what are some insert hyperbole laserworks.

Cainville Utah

Horse Valley, Utah

Rough Rock, Arizona

Notom, Utah

via @randallah's lovely blog Red Nails & Teacups

Friday, 9 March 2012

Friday Links Are Tearing Me Apart Lisa

So, is this five moustache-like structures, OR one tache, three beard sub-structures and a burgeoning monobrow? (See left) link

Necropants. They are as gross as they sound but also kinda interesting - Icelandic black magic... nsfw. link

Sweetest bloody photo ever of a dog that doesn't want to be at the vet's. link

This is fo sho what Jeremy Lin spent his first paycheque on. link

Jesus followers, Twitter followers - potato, potaaato? Christ says NO. link via @camcampionawaad

Cracking headline involving Meatloaf, bananas and illness. link via Em

A glove to warm your hand but keep your beer cold - Scando-niche. link

This is the nichest sign of all time. link

Jane Bussman on the another side of the story re: Kony and Uganda; Kony is an atrocity in human form, yes, but are the Ugandan government making money out of him?  link

Do you know, I don't think Madonna has asked one single soul if they want to see her in her underwear. Certainly,  I would tell her, if she asked me, that I actually don't want to see her in her underwear. So, anyway, here's Madonna in her underwear. Sigh. link

Hither Green: a peaceful, comfortable and welcoming community - also a land of utter nonsense according to this hilarious write up. link

How to look stark staring mad - contact lenses with real gold and diamonds in em. link

Regard, it's the posh twat in his natural habitat... link thanks Dom

I am sick to the eye teeth of the mother-fugging inescapable 'Keep Calm and...'. It feels like a meme for people who don't know how to use the internet. This is the only acceptable rendition of it and it is frigging excellent. link

Bloody hell Ayn Rand, now look what you've gone and started with your nutbags philosophy of selfishness. link (Full disclosure, I read Atlas Shrugged at an impressionable age and am an only child so a philosophy of selfishness was briefly appealing. I REGRET NOTHING (I am fairly sheepish).) Bizarrely, some folks in Japan have invented the Speech Jammer, which fogs your brain with feedback and renders you unable to speak - I'm pretty sure that or some similar tool is in Atlas Shrugged. Coincidence? Yeah right. And have you ever seen David Iyke and John Galt in the same room? Think about it. *backs away slowly, squinting at you and nodding with a grim smile*  

SUPER! Superman socks, now with added cape. link

Pharrell Williams looks embarrassed about having to talk about his inspiration for his liquor for ladies called Qream. Well suck it up Pharrell, that's what happens when you invent outrageous booze products to hawk to ladies to make some extra dough. You can't sexy your way out of this one you shameless hussy. link

Brian Blessed with a pair of fashion tits atop his masterful skull. Thanks Photoshop. link

Skittles ads are obliged to be funny - here are some of their new ones. Not their best but take a look if you feel inclined. link

DOLPHIN STAMPEDE. Watch out. link

The new Old Spice ad that's not for Old Spice:

Dubstep parrot is so much cooler than I'll ever be. Than any of  us will ever be.
via @b3ta_links

In your FACE you heathen atheist wangs, what have you got to say about the banana argument? Where's your god now? I mean, where's your science NOW?
via @poohugh

That's them told. This is what You've Been Framed dreams of at night.

aaaaaand Tommy Wiseau wishes you a happy weekend:


Monday, 5 March 2012

Dog Physics

Maddie On Things. I love the mix of quiet endurance and serenity on Maddie's face, she knows how to bring some gravitas to a picture with some bang on middle-distance squinting.

Elmira, MIParma, MI

Minneapolis, MN


via @awoooooga

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Brooms in Shades

Sunnies by Karen Walker. I are mostly be wanting the top right bunny ones and the pair below.

Broom shoot = enchanting.

via Honestly WTF

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Perv-Universe Perspective.

"What does 50 years difference make when one considers the age of the universe?

Patrick Moore was too much of an old sweetheart for that one to fly but perhaps one day Cary Grant will burst forth from the grave, whisk me up the Greenwich Observatory and say something similar.  Then he'll caveat it by admitting that he's 80 years older and 25 years deader than me and was actually gay.  

“What does 50 years difference make when one considers the age of the universe?”

Monday, 27 February 2012

Huxley - let it go

Music Monday - this video's pretty frickin' odd.

LAZINESS, I leave you. That's not the name of the track, that is what's happening right now in real life to this post. I'm having a Karl Lagerfeld moment. Watch the video. Listen to the music. Stop eating unless it's dreams. 

Huxley - Let It Go (Hypercolour) from Hypercolour on Vimeo.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Bucketloads of Links

Sing it with me, Hallelujah it's a rainin... link (NSFW due to the cunt-bomb but by far and away the greatest thing I've seen all week. Have played it many times.) Thanks Miles.

This is what a bunny boiler looks like in the age of Facebook. link

All types of rightly wrong - this video is so unexpected, whaaaa? and weird. And cringe. But also great. link

Net porn (sfw - all nets are consenting). link

Boots pharmacy has got ladies all figured out. link

Excellent graffiti of the week. link via @flipflapman

Cat Lady Reality Check Graph of the week. link thanks Tibbo

Teddy bear anatomy (see left) link

The Mushroom in Christian Art and other comedically odd book titles. link

Ok this is super slow of me but here are a selection of the most powerful images of 2011, yes, from last year. link

This is some insane Borges-style shit, as a pretentious sweary wang you'd cross dinner tables to avoid might say. Autistic savant spends 20 years designing a city on paper; building an imaginary space throughout history for it. Truly extraordinary. link

In this version of the future, everyone will be walking off cliffs and into walls, plus they'll be wearing freaking Oakleys. Blargh. But a pretty interesting idea. link via @brittneybean

Tornado on the sun which IS THE SIZE OF EARTH. Way to make me feel like a microbe on a pimple on a gnat's ass. link via @copyranter

Anyone feel like a wonderfully shitty visual pun based on H from Stepslink

Ah, the tramamampoline, stalwart of the suburban garden, staple of You've Been Framed videos, now comes with 50% more fail. via @b3ta_links

Nicolas Cage. Losing. His. SHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT. Just the most enjoyable thing in the world. Think I put it in last week's links but it bears repeating. via @adamgyngell

So, what if Jaws were a Disney movie...

Smells you later.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

I Dream of Dino

That there be a Ferrari Dino and I would like to chauffeur myself through my own life in it. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mental Mountain Hotel of Wonders

I would like to arrive at the Montana Magica Lodge in Chile in a sleigh drawn by unicorns and then just let the sheer awesomeness take over from there. Set in a 323 square mile nature reserve in Huilo Huilo, the lodge is covered in moss and vines, spews water from its roof and is accessible from a monkey bridge, plus it's surrounded by hot-tubs carved out of hollow tree trunks. I am overwhelmed by the want to go there. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Skeletons Having Sex On A Hot Tin Roof

I am wildly in love this woman. This is one of the greatest music videos of all time.
Orphic Ostra's Skeletons Having Sex on a Hot Tin Roof.
Monday evening weirdness, take it away lady:

HT @awoooooga

Friday, 17 February 2012


Panda? INCORRECT. Chow. link via @trissum

Unusable stock photos - some are truly amazing. link

Ain't no perv like a royal diplomat perv. link

Bell jars you can gaff in - in Japan. link via @_luckyou

#occupyNigeria - fantastic shots. link via @ennikukka

Hipster nonsense of the week - these. 

Vulgar foreign fact of the week 'The French for 'touching cloth' is "J'ai un taupe au guichet" meaning "there's a mole at the checkout."' Tweeted by  @jacques_aih

Fantastic idea - using etch-a-crim software, Brian Joseph Davis creates photofits of epic literary characters from the descriptions of them in the books. link.  Better Book Titles is similarly excellent (this one's my favourite) HT @matt_muir

Seals clubbing, grammatically speaking. link thanks Nasty Fat

Are you ready for Rifle Burs? It's got real gunshots as the bass. link thank you Adam Buxton. That video should inspire you to use this, the Straight Thug app.

Ye olde swearing dictionary. Learn about Beard Splitters, Bear Gardens and Bingo Morts. If you have more time than me, you might even get past 'B'. link via @lettersofnote

Eric Pillot's heartbreaking black and white shots of animals in zoos. link

Mike Tyson + pigeons = UMMMMM, WHAT? NO. link via @baldinbillboard

'Shitstorm' voted most popular contribution to the German language in 2011. link

Niiiiiice. Sony hiked prices of Whitney Houston's music online 30 minutes after her death. link

Do you know what an 'exquisite corpse experiment' is? Neither did I but now I know and IDEOLabs' one is rather wonderful. link

A car review / love story of the wonderous Mercerdes Gullwing for people who don't like car reviews by @dysonology. link

Air-baggin' - it's the new something. Sorry, ran out of steam. link


Wednesday, 15 February 2012


This isn't a genius idea in the way that the gun-dog-lead is but I guess if you were a nefarious Russian oligarch exiled in London, you might order some solid gold ones for your hideous mansion.

Bang Bang Handle by Nikita Kovalev




Via Who Killed Bambi

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

All For Love

We Are Handsome are a bit of an obsession; here are some Valentiny-bit-of-me-died-inside Day cards which can be downloaded as iPhone wallpaper. Am hugely in love with the sea plane one.

And here's that image on a dress being worn by some sexy lady in Miami. Love.