Saturday, 28 August 2010

"At the W. I don't think this Viognier is going to work well with the foie gras I just ordered."

Here are a few little gems from Tweeting Too Hard. I think the venerable John McInroe would have something to say about this lot. Read on, but you might need to bite your hands...
OMG i was saying how i couldn't afford the gas to fly daddy's jet to the riviera this summer, and this barista totally rolled her eyes at me @babesmcphee
We WALKED to the grocery store this morning. We are ADORABLE. And green. @suzannegolden9

Bad start to the day. The Segway caught a flat on the way to Starbucks.@kochschwinger

it's so life-affirming when the poor fall in love. @babesmcphee

I make multi-million $ decisions on a regular basis -- why is it soooo difficult to decide what to do with my hair? @MKReflections
I gave my cleaning lady a raise today, even though she didn't ask, as my own little contribution to fighting the recession. @brettschulte

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