Saturday, 28 August 2010

Everything is allegedly shiny

Ad agency Weiden + Kennedy have come up with this "I am the rules" video for Nike / Footlocker. It features sporty folk doing sporty stuff, my favourite being Andrey Arshavin, who plays for Arsenal, no really, that's his name (he's the guy in the faux tux. I might fancy him: Mrs Arshavin has a certain ring to it.)

I reckon the music has a big part to play in my enjoyment of it - the track is Alles Neu (Everything's Shiny) by the curious-faced Berliner Peter Fox - a be-suited reggae and hip hop artist.

Find it here (complete with Fox rapping, sexy washer-women and some cello playing chimps...)

...and the instrumental version:

Q. Which is more compelling? You decide.
A. You don't decide. It's obviously the one with the Teutonic rapping. DUH. It contains the line "I slay my goldfish. Bury it in the yard" and has some excellent moments around mark 3:45. No competition.

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