Thursday, 30 September 2010

Get yer sketch on

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

Send $25 to The Sketchbook Project and they'll send you back a Moleskine sketchbook - fill it up with whatever tickles your arty fancy - there are 18 themes to kick start you, including coffee & cigarettes, street codes, boys & girls, dirigibles & submersibles and capture the flag, and make sure you send it back by 15th Jan 2011.

The sketchbooks - sent back from all over the world will be collated and then exhibited on tour in galleries and museums all across the States from March 2011. They'll also be digitized (is that a word?) onto the Brooklyn Art Library with a bar code so anyone can look em up - and you'll get a notification when they do. The exhibit in Brooklyn will be filmed and streamed live so those who can't make it to the States can see it on the internets. Sweet.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

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Q. Kites + Dinosaur

= Jurassic wang or kinda cool?
A. Both, especially as the dinosaur is wearing a bow tie. And sunglasses. But not at night.

For more kitetastic nerdery check out this 30m blue whale kite - with appropriate sound effects.

Via Kuriositas

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As sweet and easy as one two three

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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Slo-ow mo synchro Japanese music video

Nuff said.


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Kinda strange

Boolean Taxidermy via Design Bureau "these renderings are crafted entirely from 3D resources on the web — meaning, no actual modeling was used."
Looks a bit like you're doing The Fantastic Voyage through E.T. They're oddly serene though.

Have a further read here.

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Rattail for real

Way to offend my delicate sensibilities you ratty bastard.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Ain't not no oil painting

Becca Mann's oil paintings are inspired by found photographs - love the way that works for the second image down. Love all of them.

OK Sit!

Yay! OK Go's new video featuring canine chums. As is customary for their shoots the whole 3:36 mins of the video had to be captured in one take. Best in show goes to the alleged Robert Redford lookalike pooch who maintained a constant erection throughout the shoot (see Guide article below).

Read Priya Elan's interview with the band for the Guardian's Saturday Guide for more info - including the Kulash Alarm System, Easy Cheese, the dogs' celebrity lookalikes and whether it bothers them to be known more for their videos than their music.

Ever wanted to poke Kaiser Karl in the eyes?

Join the queue. I imagine Heidi Klum might have after he fired this one at her:
"I don't know her. Claudia Schiffer doesn't know her. She was never in Paris, we don't know her."

How about ex-colleague (if you can have a 'colleague' at Chanel) Kitty D'Alessio:
"The good news is Kitty D'Alessio has been made Director of Special Projects. The bad news is there are no special projects."

Cackle cackle.

Anyway, this bag would give you a chance to shove your pokers in his peepers:


Click here for some bitchy Karl:

Monday, 27 September 2010

A labour of log

Portuguese carpenter Carlos Alberto has created this wonderful wooden Vespa, named after his daughter Daniela. I may use these images to shame my father about the shocking lack of home-made motorised gifts that have made their way to me lately / EVER.

Vital stats:
Maximum speed: 75km / h
Engine: 123.67 cc
Woods used: rosewood, ebony, beech, satin-wood, Brazilian cherry, tacula, panga-panga, sucupira, and sycamore

Read more here:

Chamillionaire to Uncle Murder via Gritty McDuff's Best Bitter

For your perusal thanks to the fellows at Pop Chart Lab, two posters entitled The Very Many Varieties of Beer and the Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names. A noble and sprawling undertaking:

Head to this link for a close up:

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Plinkle Plinkle Little Star

So the new Nissan Juke ad aired last Thursday. Produced by TBWA London you see the car roaming Berlin at night lighting up / enlivening everything it passes. It's a slickly finished film and technically it's a goodie. But when I watched it all it induced was a deep sigh of 'same old, same old' every single car and mobile network ad of the last god knows how long features the same stuff. For the mobile networks it's young people pootling through the park with cheerful plinky music, possibly squirling through to different scenarios through head-fuck camera trickery. For the cars it's either plinky soundtracked nightscapes with neon lights trailing through the air or colour bombs going off in all directions as the car plays hide and seek with the city. And often there's a crossover between the two. YAWN

The integrated aspect of the Juke marketing is better thought out - in order to appeal to a young urban audience (shudder) they're doing some outdoor projections / gigs etc. Fine, whatever, but I am really looking forward to a shift away from bouncing balls, sparklers, exploding paint and hanging out with perky friends to a plinky soundtrack...


Friday, 24 September 2010

Graphically Prada

These illustrations by Honet for Muccia Prada are from 2006 but I've never seen them before and believe they are, as is said in the fashion world, fucking faaaabulous.

Pass the Coffeh.

Have you ever seen Henry Higgins and Tracey Goodwin in the same room together? Thought not. Suspicious indeed.

Take it away Tracey:

Don't flutter your lashes at me

No really, don't. These Car-Lashes are pretty revolting...

...but are they as bad as Jessica Harrison's Fly-Lashes - made out of real flies' legs... bleugh. Jordan, Jodie Marsh and all the other trannies better step up their game as standard fake eyelashes evidently no longer cut the mustard.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A good thing in a microscopic package

Wieden + Kennedy have done it again with another wonderfully watchable ad, this time a microscopic stop-motion film made by Aardman (of Wallace and Gromit fame) for Nokia which is utterly delightful.
Trebles all round.

See also:

So freaking majestic

I very much fell in love with the Moooi Horse Lamp, especially as it's more or less life size and a snip at 20 grand or so. But then I was reading OK magazine at the hairdressers and the Horse Lamp featured prominently in Robbie Williams' wedding photos. No dice Horse Lamp, no dice.


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

NEVER say 'no' to Panda...


MADLAB Architecture have come up with Bacterioptica, a light made with fibre optics and petri dishes, they say: 

Bacterioptica is not your typical chandelier, just as no family is a typical unit of interactions. Its on/off switch does not control it. Bacterioptica is alive. It grows. It is itself a household organism. It is living and breathing the same air and bacteria we are. 

I say, steady on that's pretty frickin' high falutin' - it's a cool looking piece of kit but the less association with bacterial organisms dropping into your mac 'n' cheese the better.

Sent by

Just watch it.

Via Copyranter

Don't worry, we're going to catch this sick bastard

What did she look like and where did she touch you?

I'm an occasional camera perv. Mainly looking but not touching or purchasing which I suppose is the most harmless sort of perv. Here is the Leica M9 Ostrich Leather Rangefinder. It's a limited edition (sucked in) one of 20.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Banana boating

Yaaaarrrrr matey. I have a friend who recently bought a scale model of the Black Pearl who I think will be verrry interested in these.

Banana Boats by the excellent Jacob Dahlstrup:

September: the obvious month to post about bikinis...

I spent a couple of months in Rio early on this year which was beyond excellent. I was a little unprepared for the Brazilian bikini ethic though - 'nappies' aka bikinis which cover more than half of each buttock are a no go. You don't have to wear a g-string (I didn't, no one needs to see that) but I didn't take long to get into the swing of wearing something a little more itsy, bitsy, teeny and weeny than I was used to, they are in fact more flattering, they also give you an immediate insight into why they invented the Brazilian bikini wax. I would say this is only for the brave but in fact you feel like more of an ass if you cover yours up.

Olga Olsson - a bikini brand started by Ruth Ferguson - makes bikinis in Rio but in an Italian cut - not quite so teeny as the Rio style, so not quite such a shock to your ass - in wonderful colours and flattering shapes, check out the website here:

In my mind Ruth, who named the brand after her super-stylish Grandmother, has some admirably well thought out business ethics going on ( and when English bikini wearing weather comes around again (got a little while to wait), I will be kitting myself out in her designs.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Is he seducing me? What am I - a bed bug?

Isabella Rossellini teamed up with Jody Shapiro and Rick Gilbert to produce Green Porno - some bonkers short videos about the reproductive life of marine animals followed up by Seduce Me about the seduction rituals of various animals. It's bafflingly entertaining to watch and one way for them pesky kids to learn about the birds and the bees - if you want them to end up in therapy.

Watch the videos here:

Not on your Noggin

So it seems that the trend for skulls and skull imagery hasn't abated, despite that we've been pretty overloaded with them. That said, here is some cool skull-related stuff, just so you can really gorge yourself on skullduggery and be done with it:

  • Skulls made from organic matter such as apples and cabbages and whatnot

By Dimitri Tsykalov

  • Eurgh, tooth brain skull! As someone who has a bit of a fixation with teeth, I find these pictures wholly repugnant and also compelling. (Go to Harrison's link if this picture is too grainy)

Jessica Harrison

  • Epic-undertaking skull from Jacob Dahlstrup... it took 100 hours to complete. Mind boggling (boo!).

  • Painterly skulls from Stephen Balleaux's Bullet Proof's Anatomy:

  • Crystal skull vodka! Made by Dan Akroyd!

  • See this stop motion video of Paul Alexander Thornton drawing a skull in wonderful detail using only a ball point pen.

And that's it, I'm all skulled out.