Wednesday, 8 September 2010


This looks like a scene they shouldn't have cut out of that gad-awful film Batman & Robin starring Arnie as the villainous Mr Freeze, brrrrrr! And George Clooney as Batman, well done him for wheedling that out of our memories, I think cunningly he kept the mask on throughout the film so no one noticed it was him. And let's not forget old Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl. 

Anyway, enough reminiscing about crap, this is a frozen aquarium in Japan. They should produce mini frozen aquariums that you can keep in your freezer - low maintenance dead pets, that's where it's at these days.

Oh, alright then: 

Update (28/09/10): I am watching Batman and Robin right now on the telly and it is bloody hilarious, I forgot that Alicia Batgirl Silverstone - Alfred's niece was supposed to be English (she went to Oxbridge - you know that actual university, Oxbridge) but there's not even a pretence of an accent. It's glorious - to the video store!

For the Japanese Icequarium

For good crap accent references

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