Thursday, 9 September 2010

Never Trust a Duchess, and other stories

I was having a good old rummage through my grandmother's bookcase the other day and came across a couple of books by Peter Cheyney - The Dark Street and A Sinister Errand; both are spy novels set during WWII and feature the handsome Michael Kells, just a regular man / spy who daily drinks enough martinis to put Bond in a teenage stomach pumping ward. Kells attends various drinks parties populated by beautiful women brandishing cigarette holders and long legs - who turn out to be Nazi Bitches who he has to kill.

Utterly thrilling stuff and you can't help but read it in that old fashioned nasal BBC accent. Better still are the titles of his other books and their covers:


  1. Good stuff.
    Just posted a great Cheyney cover at my place:

  2. Excellent, have just bought about 10 of his books on Ebay...