Monday, 20 September 2010

Not on your Noggin

So it seems that the trend for skulls and skull imagery hasn't abated, despite that we've been pretty overloaded with them. That said, here is some cool skull-related stuff, just so you can really gorge yourself on skullduggery and be done with it:

  • Skulls made from organic matter such as apples and cabbages and whatnot

By Dimitri Tsykalov

  • Eurgh, tooth brain skull! As someone who has a bit of a fixation with teeth, I find these pictures wholly repugnant and also compelling. (Go to Harrison's link if this picture is too grainy)

Jessica Harrison

  • Epic-undertaking skull from Jacob Dahlstrup... it took 100 hours to complete. Mind boggling (boo!).

  • Painterly skulls from Stephen Balleaux's Bullet Proof's Anatomy:

  • Crystal skull vodka! Made by Dan Akroyd!

  • See this stop motion video of Paul Alexander Thornton drawing a skull in wonderful detail using only a ball point pen.

And that's it, I'm all skulled out.

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