Saturday, 25 September 2010

Plinkle Plinkle Little Star

So the new Nissan Juke ad aired last Thursday. Produced by TBWA London you see the car roaming Berlin at night lighting up / enlivening everything it passes. It's a slickly finished film and technically it's a goodie. But when I watched it all it induced was a deep sigh of 'same old, same old' every single car and mobile network ad of the last god knows how long features the same stuff. For the mobile networks it's young people pootling through the park with cheerful plinky music, possibly squirling through to different scenarios through head-fuck camera trickery. For the cars it's either plinky soundtracked nightscapes with neon lights trailing through the air or colour bombs going off in all directions as the car plays hide and seek with the city. And often there's a crossover between the two. YAWN

The integrated aspect of the Juke marketing is better thought out - in order to appeal to a young urban audience (shudder) they're doing some outdoor projections / gigs etc. Fine, whatever, but I am really looking forward to a shift away from bouncing balls, sparklers, exploding paint and hanging out with perky friends to a plinky soundtrack...


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