Monday, 15 November 2010

Any Human Heart

Getting very excited about 4 part drama series Any Human Heart starting on Channel 4 this weekend. Not only was it a fantastic book to read - written by Will Boyd telling the story of a man's life from beginning to end, not only does it have an all-star cast - hello Jim Broadbean and Gillian Anderson! But it also stars Emerald Fennell who happens to have been my bff since I was five - Em is playing main character Logan Mountstewart (who is played by Sam Clafflyn, Matthew McFadyn and Broadbean)'s first wife Lottie - so I am fit to burst with excitement.

It's a truly wonderful, sprawling and heartbreaking tale and C4 look set to do it justice. Starts Sunday 21st November at 9pm on Channel 4 - nice try Downton Abbey, THIS is how you do epically excellent period drama.

See preview here:

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