Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Here's a belated Halloween post which ought to creep the unholy hell out of you.

Dark Passage is a site dedicated to the exploration of abandoned buildings - creepy ones; mental institutions, jails, theme parks, that sort of thing. So below are some choice images - definitely worth an explore around the site too, reading about the Hospital of Seven Teeth gave me serious heeby-jeebies.

Apparently quite a few of the sites have been used for horror films - big surprise, but how these guys pluck up the courage to wander around photographing them unguided is quite beyond me. Go have a look now - there are collections with names like 'Scarecrow in the violent ward' 'Residual Pathology' and 'Invasive Dentistry'. *Shudder*

See also Detroit Wonderland - which documents the amazing post-industrial apocalyptic decay in Eminiem's home town

 and The Distant Sound of Dripping Water for a glimpse at Satan's top leisure centres.

All photos copyright of Julia Solis (evidently a very brave lady) and via Dark Passage.

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