Monday, 8 November 2010

Crapidermy. Oh Crapidermy.

I think this website has got the potential to give me more joy than pretty much anything else ever. Crappy Taxidermy; two words that go beautifully together.

 Firstly we kick off with this chap, he was found in South Korea and I love his proportions.

Is that a bright pink tranny mouse with fake eyelashes? I do belive it is.

If crossing a black cat's path is generally held to be bad luck, I dread to think what happens when you use one to create a taxidermy punch bag...

This coffin by stylish taxidermist Polly Morgan looks like something straight out of The Twits

Should this be considered blasphemouse? (I boldly just awarded myself Pun of the Year for that)

If you look up "winning smile" in Google images...

There are many myriad reasons I love taxidermy, particularly crapidermy which can be divided into 'hopelessly executed', 'an odd choice to start with', 'distinctly unnatural' and 'playing human' and I feel that will be a gift that keeps on giving so I'm not going to pile all the delight into one post, you can look forward to much much more, including Wolperdingers and curiously stuffed chimeras in general. Bet you can hardly wait...
Oh, OK, one more:

(Yeah, one of those)

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