Monday, 1 November 2010

The not so humble pistol shrimp

I have no problem with using this blog to prove a point. In this case the argument went along the following lines:

Me: Did you know that when the pistol shrimp clacks its claws it produces a bubble of light that's hotter than the sun?
Disbelieving man (DM): Hotter than the sun? Don't be ridiculous
Me: It's true, I saw it on a nature programme possibly involving David Attenborough
DM: What like that nature programme you saw possibly involving David Attenborough when an octopus had sex with another octopus via means of his detachable penis flying up the female's nose?
Me: I swear I didn't dream that. Surely stranger things have happened at sea. (Boom boom)

Anyway, I still can't find the footage of the octopus with the detachable penis but mostly IN YOUR FACE DISBELIEVING MAN because the pistol shrimp or alpheidae produces sonoluminescence (that's "light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound") and when the bubble collapses it reaches temperatures of over 4,700 °C which is marginally less hot than the sun. The pistol shrimp with its clacking claw is one of the loudest creatures in the sea and the wave of bubbles the shrimp releases with its claw is capable of stunning fish double its size and can even break a small glass jar.
Tru fax.

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  1. quite an achievement indeed.

  2. umm - kind of still with Elliot...

  3. What - it;s slightly less hot than the sun. Still pretty frigging hot.