Friday, 5 November 2010

Now you see Batman...

... now you see Joker.

Swiss designers Drzach & Suchy use 'lenticular printing' and shadow casting panels to produce art which changes depending on which angle you aim a light source at it. Light from the left might give you Marilyn Monroe and from the right you get Marilyn Manson - see here.

See also their Shadow Cloud Box - light shone through one angle gives you a Christian cross, another, the Star of David and from another you get Islam's crescent moon:

In the same vein Fabrizio Cornelli created an installation called Duetto on the side of the Sannomya Tower in Kobe - it's only visible for a certain amount of time during the day if the sun is shining. While I like taking the idea onto a bigger scale, I think the image chosen is cheesier than a wheel of stilton.
Worth a look at Cornelli's site - for more use of light and shadow.


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