Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ssspontaneity eh?

Well it's generally held to be a good thing - I think I mainly find it alarming - and with good reason. My long term love interest brought a pet snake back home the Sunday before last after a weekend we'd spent apart.

I had no warning for this as he'd previously expressed an interest in getting a Maine Coon (aka the coolest cat in the world) but no, he pitched up with a large, flat cardboard box topped with a much smaller cardboard box with air holes punched in. Was it a hamster? A budgie? Perhaps a hermit crab as per my first ever pet. No, it was a Mexican King Snake - docile, low maintenance and in my house. We've named him Edmund, after a certain Blackadder and he's a squeezer not a biter which is a relief.

So here, dedicated to Edmund, is Serpens by Guido Mocafido.

Via Melissa Dixon

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