Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Wednesday Thursday Friday

I love the site Parents Don't Understand Technology - it comes up with corkers like these:

While helping my mom install a new printer over the phone, she could not find the My Computer icon on her desktop. When I asked her to close all the windows she had open, the line went silent for 5 minutes. When she came back on the line I realized she closed all the windows in the house.
Ryan H, University of Saskatchewan

My mom thought WTF meant "Wednesday, Thursday, Friday."
Amanda M, Ramapo College

Yesterday I gave my mom my flash drive and asked her if she could make me two copies of my paper at work because my printer ran out of ink. She brought home the copies in the afternoon. It was two photocopies of the flash drive.
Ari Y

My step-mother writes "at" and then circles it every time she gives somebody her email address.
tom U

My mom thinks printing out website pages is "downloading them."
Amy Kowell, Fredonia

Every morning, my dad sends a picture text message of something random he sees (a tree, a bridge, a car) to my entire family. He calls this his "blog."
Andi S from Tufts

My mom discovered how to add a "signature" to the end of her text messages. I constantly get "Pick up some more milk, Dance Like No One Is Watching" or "I'll be home at six, Dance Like No One Is Watching."
Simone Lebeuf

Yesterday my dad tested if his Outlook in the office works by sending an email to his home email address and then driving home to check if it arrived.
E. S. from UBC

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