Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Haunch of Provost

Went to see the opening of Nicolas Provost's Stardust exhibit at Haunch of Venison last night with my friend Harry.

It consists of three main videos:
Long Live the New Flesh (see below), a wonderfully hallucinatory and coagulating horror-show mish-mash which we watched in disgusted wonder.

Storyteller - a mesmerising tracking view of Vegas which mirrors the footage horizontally - giving it a beautiful bejewelled sci-fi look.

Stardust - a 20 minute video again set in Vegas which feeds you a stream of people and situations which you create your own story for - Jack Nicholson crops up in it looking and behaving exactly as you'd expect. That was Harry's favourite - but I think that's because he was daydreaming about being Jack's Vegas wing man.

All in all deliciously enjoyable - it's on till 29th Jan 2011. Go check out Provost's site for a taster.

Long Live the New Flesh. Excerpt One. Nicolas Provost

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