Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Nuclear powered gymnastics

Given North Korea's recent petulant behaviour - it's late, they're tired and they're going on the INTERNATIONAL NAUGHTY STEP if they're not careful - I think it's time for another look at the staggering mass gymnastics they put on for the amusement of Kimmy and his po-faced generals. Described as "a highly regimented performance that emphasizes group dynamics rather than individual prowess" (I see what they're doing there...) it is pretty goddamn amazeballs.

Accompanied by a rather lacklustre Faithless track from days of yore.

I don't know how I can get 80,000 gymnasts to perform amazing acts of synchronicity in my honour but if anyone's interested I would particularly enjoy the ripple effect flag of my face created by thousands of children holding up flashcards. If you start scouting for un/willing participants now, you could probably get my nose done by 2012.

Interesting article here:

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