Thursday, 23 December 2010

Some form of tree theme

I managed to escape Heathrow on Monday by the skin of my teeth - ours was one of about 10 flights leaving that day and I am now happily pootling around in the Southern Hemisphere with not a care in my head about thermal underwear, accidental hypothermia or BBC News 24 using the word "treacherous" approximately 4 times a minute to describe Britain in general. 

However despite the fact that everyone in Australia sends each other Christmas cards depicting snowy scenes, Christmas is obviously a pretty different affair over here; I plan to drink chilled rosé instead of mulled wine, eat lobster instead of turkey and I'll have to substitute sand for snow when making a giant Christmas snow cock - which seemed to be a massive craze when I left London. 

All those things are good but it's not quite the same as the real snowy deal which everyone will have in England - which I'm a little moon faced about. Anyway, all of that was an extremely rambling preamble (which I would blame on jetlag but I'm really just predisposed to rambling) to posting these two wintery tree scenes. I think I'm done, here you go:

Cold moon - print by Dan McCarthy Print Club.

And this untitled one by Namiko Kitara - go to her website to check out her beautiful ethereal photography.

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