Saturday, 22 January 2011


I am back on English soil after an 18 hour flight on a Qantas A380 - so far most famous for having their engines blowing mid-flight, luckily no such excitement for me. So here's a sum up of some stuff from down under:

Australia has better pigeons than everywhere else (as well as an abundance of the shit ones). They also have the lyre bird which features on their 10c coins and puts that noise impression chap from Police Academy Infinity TO SHAME.

I suck at riding a bike and don't much care for two wheels, but this Aussie magazine Treadlie looks good for a fixie-porn-fix if that's up your alley.

Designer Ellery who started out as a stylist at Russh magazine makes wonderfully chic dresses, managed to pick one up in the sales and have spent time simply sighing in delight at it. 

Other noteworthy Aussie designers are Manning Cartell, Life with Bird (beautiful summer dresses), Something Else by Natalie Wood, Kylie Hawkes (great jackets), Bird and Kite, Antipodium. Also, Woodford and Co - got this jacket from them which I am heartily in love with. Oh and Black Milk for an intergalactic lycra fix.

For the menfolk it's easier to mention specific shops - General Pants (used to be full of lacklustre surf crap, now stocks excellent t-shirts, Modern Amusement etc), Incu, BluBird Denim - which stocks Mr Simple.

Bloodthirsty trivia: I went with my ma and Myles Baldwin who is a landscape gardener to look around some beautiful gardens he's designed in the Southern Highlands. We drove through Hill Top which was home to Ivan Milat - aka the Backpacker Murderer upon whom Wolf Creek is based - Heebie Jeebies plus. Aussies in their 30s were particularly scarred by the film as John Jarrett who plays the murderer most foul used to present kids tv show Play School in the 70s and to see him trying to sever a woman's head off with spine intact when they grew up singing along while he made spaceships out of egg cartons was understandably disturbing.

Nature: saw loads of cool birds, two dead wombats and shitloads of spiders (OMG) but I'd give 'em all up to see a nudibranch again.

The White Rabbit Gallery - does contemporary Chinese art, very cool website.

Bondi is always excellent for gawping at meatheads - HOW does anyone get a neck as wide as their shoulders? But the Bronte Bogey Hole is top for slightly terrifying but excellent swimming.

Good times were had.  

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