Monday, 3 January 2011

Knocked me for six

Went to Bondi market yesterday with my ma to spend cash in a frivolous fashion, since the exchange rate is so god awful for UK to Australia at the moment the only way to get your kicks without feeling massively ripped off is by using the plastic - by which I mean Aussie cash, which is plastic.

I ended up finding a jewellery stall called sixD run by a girl named Daisy where I wanted to spend all my dollar - inspired by the Aztecs and 70s rock, Daisy's pieces are in simple shapes but with strong details - all made from recycled brass and silver and damned reasonably priced. I went for a polished brass triangle necklace (see below) which is of the right weight and length to hang perfectly below your collarbone. I plan to head back next Sunday for one of her beautiful Sun rings (second row on the left).

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