Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday Snazz Times Link Joy

These are mostly NSFW offerings. I guess it's just been a dirty seven days, also I'm hungover and have a potty mouth. If you don't like it go dig up Mary Whitehouse.
  • You know all those sexy porn sex noises in porn? Well here's the lady making them
  • Charlie Sheen goes a rambling. This is the rambliest, most delusional rambly ramble I've heard in a long while. Give it some good listening time and you will reap the rambly rewards.
  • American children are frighteningly self-possessed. Beyonce has a lot to answer for. Link

  • The 11 best worst vagina tattoos of all time. Entirely safe for work.
  • A very amusing animated review of a video game. Phonetic pronounciations of grammatical ineptitude are always a laff.

That be all ladies and gentlemen. Have a nice day. 

Thanks McSwoon, Campari Jack, LeVern and Creepy Bim for the links.

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