Friday, 4 February 2011


Here are some links from Wellity Wellity Well on Twitter. They're generally great. 
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And so to the links:

Owner of kitten whose video has 41m YouTube hits and counting has a tremendous beard on HER FACE. In other news, that kitten is fricking adorable

Bah, kids these days. Watching Spongebobble, eating happy meals, mainlining speed... 

Who knew a mattress ad could extract the lols? 

Proffessional arsehole Bill O'Reilly explains the famous 'moon as proof of God's existence' theory, sorry, FACT, you PINHEADS!

How to win the Lottery... int-er-es-ting.

Shapeshifter is a visually beautiful ad for Audi by Charlex (who did One Rat Short). Voiceover guy is a bit wanky but it be loverly to look at.

Wah wah waaaaaaah

A literal take on shooting your mouth off

A happy weekend to you all.

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