Friday, 18 February 2011

Thanks Friday! Internet links

She is NOT having a stroke so it IS fucking funny. Link

The picture of everything - a pretty grand undertaking. Zooming in is fun.

Snack to the Future - includes such corkers as Planet of the Crepes, As Good as Baguettes and So I Marinated an Axe Murderer with appropriately adjusted posters. (Thanks Emerald)

Ankle breaking catwalk calamity. In your face, you gazelle-like beauty. I hope she's ok.

Alpaca Attack - reporter looks like a scaredy wuss-bag.

That is it for now folks. Happy weekending.

Oh - and this, a mega-NSFW Argentinian Strictly Come Dancing entry. It is more or less porn and shamelessly brilliant. I especially like her covering her boobs up at the end when the 'dance' is finished - IT'S A BIT LATE FOR MODESTY LOVE.

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