Thursday, 17 March 2011


My darling extremely formidable grandmother passed away yesterday. She was amazing - when I was little she told me that holding your breath closes the pores on your skin so stinging nettles can't sting you (not true), that brushing your teeth with soot makes them whiter (only in comparison to your black gums) and she slapped me the only time I called her 'Granny' (she thought it was common - she also thought Christmas trees were common and instead fashioned a winter ice-skating scene on a silver tray which we were allowed to look at for approx 90 seconds on Christmas morning). I have a feeling that after cooling her heels in purgatory for what could be described as her ruthlessly old-fashioned views she will mostly be upbraiding St Peter about letting undesirables into heaven. She will be sorely missed.

So here's a quick post of things which have cheered me up today - all of which Betsy probably would have hated. 

Perfectly Timed Photos  - a great site.

 - "Bitch, I want my Frisbee." - Little Jimmy regretted wearing his red cap that da

 - Svetlana is largely regarded as a perfect wife.

I heart this kid. We have a similar misguided non-sense of rhythm.

Eurgh. Real Homer is repugnant:

Skittles ads are the gift that just keep giving.

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