Friday, 18 March 2011

Friday bumper crop


Pedigree Chum are meanies. Link

Best thing on the internet this week. No? Take another look. N.b my mother has already bought one. Link

Inappropriate job title acronym of the week. Link

Muhammed Ali made out of 1,300 punchbags. Link

Barbie Fooseball - a motherfreaking SNIP at $25k

The Yanks really aren't interested in international travel. Link

Some really shocking before / after interactive shots of the devastation in Japan. Link

Throwdown fat kid has his own internet site now

Can't. Stop. Staring. Link

How Old Spice ads are made - cool. Link

Predator the Musical. Link

Erm... sexy? Girl in a cow mask and bikini drives a Lambourgini. And then it gets weird. Link

Classy times - pay $2.98 for a 'stuffed lady's head for your wall mounted conquest, Choose from blonde brunette or redhead. Link

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