Friday, 4 March 2011

Friday Whoop Ass

  • How cool is the Dodge Deora?
  • How classy is Lady Amelia - royal niece, who's been in court over attacking a man in a McDonalds queue? I heart her. 
  • Technology vs Horse - only the best band ever. Their single White Girls is a TOUR DE FORCE. Trust me, make them part of your Friday.
  • VOLDEMOG!!!! 
  • Charlie the cat
  • Ummm, tasteless website of the week has to go to Described as "Vulgar" by the Tory party.
  • The Germans, oh the Germans, check out Das Beer Boot - 1 minute 50 of pure Teutonic splendour. 
  • Hunger Strike - or How to Get Invited to Kate and Wills' big wedding bash 
  • What the god damn hell sort of a name for a politician is Newt Gingrich? Anyway, here he is standing in front some wonderfully crap stock photos encouraging you to hand your savings over. Nice try you amiable looking weirdo. Link
  • Kitten on a tortoise. Looks like a wild ride.  Link
  • Or maybe THIS should be my zombie bunker...
Good times. See you Monday.

Thanks McSwine, @chrisjvernon, @awoooooga etc for links.

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  1. Hey thanks for the mention!

    More Technology Vs. Horse: <-- our current albums, The new album with White Girls on it is currently being mixed.