Monday, 14 March 2011

If you have another child I'll run away and never talk to you again.

These posters for the magazine Covet Visi speak directly to me as an only child. I think my top tantrum was aged three when I took all my clothes off and banged my head repeatedly on the ground on a cliff in Cornwall, screaming all the while in order to get my parents to carry me on their shoulders but they were laughing so much they couldn't even pretend to lift me. I got my mother back some years later when I trailed her around the supermarket with an exaggerated limp while she yelled at me over her shoulder to hurry up and stop dawdling - unaware that it looked like she was yelling at her child for being crippled. The exchanged glances of horror and "social services?" from the other shoppers was priceless and mum had no idea until I told her ten years later. Meh hehehehe. Cackle cackle. Sorry mum.

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