Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Kevin Bacon loves (Kevin) Bacon

SNAZZ! Kevin Bacon plays Ivan Cobenk, Kevin Bacon's biggest fan in this ad for Logitech Revue with Google telly.

As the video of Ivan's superfan interview about Kevin plays you can click on outlined items throughout to find out more about them and or buy them - see Ivan Cobenk's Twitter link (He named his cat Kevin Bacon, after the actor, Kevin Bacon), buy the prop wieners from Apollo 13, bid for an oil painting of Ivan and Kevin by Ivan on Ebay and plenty more.

Only watch this if you have time to spare / click. It's good. 

Via @tomcallard

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1 comment:

  1. This was an interesting longer commercial, the easter eggs were cool, glad they are getting his charity involved in it but I don't think I found them all yet. I wonder how much the rubber wieners went for. Working at DISH network I had seen the Revue before they released and I knew I would have one eventually, which that came a couple months ago. The Revue actually integrated itself with my receiver so when I do a search on google tv it will also search my DVR and the guide for any relevant answers.