Thursday, 31 March 2011

Topping stuff

Analogue watch that looks digital - that is MUY EXCELLENTE. It's made from fancy shit - gold, platinum, titanium and carbon fibre. I don't even know who it's by but I bet it costs shitloads.  

An Analog Watch That Looks Like a Digital Watch

I hope you are all well out there, I am mildly hungover and recovering from my taxi ride last night. After 10 minutes in a traffic jam I noticed a very home-made looking ad that the driver had stuck up on the glass behind his head. It was for Toppers BSDM Swingers club, dress code: PVC, leather, all black. It had photos of two Readers Wives looking women in top hats and some creepy leather shiz. How curious - that's quite a big statement from a taxi driver. It wasn't like an official Spearmint Rhino* ad on the seat which he'd been paid to put in, it looked like something he'd made at home with his swinging wife. Creepy. 

P.s. I have just looked up Toppers on the internet. Sexy times it ain't. 

*There is a Spearmint Rhino wagon parked in a street by my office which gets me every time - I think they use it to pick up and deliver punters to the club on Tottenham Court Road. It has photos of big-titted blondes all over it and I can only imagine how much I'd laugh being picked up in it. Also, it's a Chrysler - HA! Shame pile up or what.

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