Friday, 25 March 2011

Weekend joy.

Lookalike ... Adolfish the goldfishNews reporter goes off the boil and ceases to make any sense at all. It is wonderous gibbery nonsense and made me laugh A LOT. Link

Goldfish that looks like Hitler. Link

I want to marry this robot. Link

Nothing beats a weird perversion - cow shit in this instance. Link

Lipton Tea's new website seems to have taken LSD. Link

One Thousand Cranes for Japan - check out this project. Link

This beats the crap out of the Transformers movie. Link

Totally brilliant corporate training video about SEXUAL HARASSMENT.

FINALLY! World penis size map. Link

p.s. I want to update Wellity Wellity Well's format because its current incarnation is a bit shoddy  - anyone got any bright ideas? FANKS.

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