Monday, 11 April 2011

Drunky napkins

God damn these look handy. I could do with some more variations such as:
  • "Dear Asshole who has my handbag, give it back or go to hell. Also, ummm, my handbag has herpes so in your face." 
  • "Dear Boyfriend, I know I said I didn't know where my keys or wallet were and that I'd lost my handbag but actually I was sitting on it all along while you spent 40 mins searching a nightclub for it. Please take me home and put me in the recovery position next to a gallon of water." 
  • "Dear new elderly cat Ivana, please stop doing that.
  • "Dear My Nose. Eeeew, gross."
  • "Dear Richest Dude in the World. You wouldn't miss a million. Go on, here are my bank deets..."

Make it home safe with the help of a napkin

Via Curiosity Counts

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