Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday is sponsored by 'Bitchy Queen' Hitler.

  • Hitler camps it up. Link
  • Beautiful time lapse flight from Paris to San Fran, skip to the middle to see the Northern Lights out of the plane window. (p.s. first person to take me on holiday to see the Northern Lights wins.)
  • How to Survive Almost Any Attack. Fuck yes! About time, so many defence mechanisms against bears, lions, snakes, sharks, stabby children etc have filtered through my brain over the years that I have totally forgotten whether I'm supposed to punch a bear in the nose, hide behind a tree from a shark or make myself big for the stabby kids - all of which will result in certain death. This list also covers bees and angry carnies.
  • Alfred Hitchcock's wife had a GSOH. Link
  • Amusing Mercedes stunt. Link
  • Gravity shoe made of air and ping pong balls. I don't know how to describe it more accurately - go look, see if you can do better. Link
  • GAD! Technology is summing else. Be your own 3D souvenier... wow. Link
  • Clothes made from sex dolls... Link
  • Bloody lovely Japanese xylophone woodland of delight. Link
  • Tenuous. Link. Better. Link
  • Don't want to go shopping with your bloody girlfriend again? Heed this man. Link
  • She's got Steve Buscemi eyes... Link
  • Mrs. Alice In Her Palace - Alice Dawson's delightful new blog, go check it out. Link
And I am not posting a fucking link to Kate Middleton's face appearing on a jelly bean. 
Have a lovely weekend and thanks to all for the links. 

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