Monday, 4 April 2011

Friday links on Monday

Wasn't around on Friday, so here's a belated link load.

Featured Sandwich: SlidersA cracking apology courtesy of The Sun.

Brill-o. How to sell air.

Cool satchels. Link

MEAN! Drunken voicemail posted on the youtubes. Link

The Little (zombie) Mermaid and other more fucked up Disney Princesses. Link

A dog walker who pitches his trade with "Hey, rich ass dog owners..." is a good dog walker. Link

If you have Photoshop skillz it is your duty to fuck around with your friends' face like this. Link

The weirdest beer ad I've ever seen. Link

Sexy sax prank. Link

Links via: @harrygayner, Emerald, Tibbo, @Awooooga

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