Friday, 8 April 2011

Rofl me up, it's Friday

So, the Free Running Academy makes me feel distinctly unskilled. Good for them.
And these guys also have the same effect - they put my boyf's ability to flick a ciggie from a packet and land it in his mouth look like child's play.

Inflatable Twister? Fuck yeah. £2000? Oh.

9y4cy.jpgOMG WHAT IS IT? (Hint - it's definitely a full pig) Link

Gary Spivey (left) - I give you the world. Link. LINK

My fave Kate 'n' Wills pic of the week. Link

There's no easy way to say this but put down your Cornetto first. Jamie Oliver says that ice-cream is made from beaver anal glands. Link

So that's what the Tooth Fairy does with them. Gross. Link

Some people will buy anything (I would buy air from this lady. Maybe.) Link

Shame on you Karl Largerfeld, if Ralph Lauren did this you would call him a tacky whore-bag who's gotten fat lately.

Coco Fennell's got new stock of her bloody gorgeous dresses in. Get 'em while they last. Link

1940s London COLOUR photos. Vewwy noice (Copyright Chris Vernon 2010). Link

Wheeeeee. Tilt shift skiing. Link

A dress made from Jewel Beetle wings? I would take the world back off Gary Spivey and hand it over for that. Link

Thanks for links Tibbo, Twitter, @Awooooga. Unthanks to Sarah for telling me about the beaver anal glands AS I WAS EATING AN ICE CREAM.
Have a happy weekend everyone.

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