Thursday, 7 April 2011

Inside job

I want something - ANYTHING - by Studio Job so badly I am drooling on my keyboard right n ndfjkSDauRMjMJR.SD///P/FOEFfff crackle EXPLODE.

I saw their Industry and Robber Baron stuff at the V&A back in 2009 and it's stuck with me ever since. Prepare to be delighted and covetous.

Industry series:

nodus rugs

nodus rugs

Robber Baron series:

Robber Baron Cabinet, design: Studio Job, Foto: Moss Gallery

Robber Baron Safe, design: Studio Job, Foto: Moss Gallery

And now here's their latest for Moooi (creator of that Beauteous Horse Lamp):
Personally these gothic chairs do nada for me - give me a gold pollution cloud coffee table and a skeleton closet any day.

Read more here and here

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