Friday, 6 May 2011

Friday links sponsored by Princess Beatrice's hat

The picture the White House didn't want you to see: (Link)

Fuck the Osama pic, this is the photo the White House didn’t want you to see.

Death metal vocalist warming up - genuinely charming. Link

AT BLOODY LAST. This is what science is for - wearable cat ears controlled by your brainwaves. Link

Ain't no prank like a Japanese ghost prank. No way you wouldn't shit yourself. Link

A comedy gold mug shot. Link

Oh the kids these days, first plant fertilizer now bath salts, what's wrong with some good old fashioned  cocaine before stabbing a goat in ladies underwear? Link

The happiest DJ in the world. Bloody adorable. Link

I'm sure many of you have already seen this vid about Denver the incredibly guilty labrador but it gets me every time. Link

Tee hee - unintentionally naughty church signs. Surely these guys should get the local whore to give their signs the once over for salacious double meanings. Link

T to the ENUOUS. There's a ghostly woman's face in my hoover. Link

Pretty lovely - BBC headlines turned into posters. Link

Eyebrow fails - will they ever cease to amuse? (No, the answer is no.) Link

OMFUG. Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks; the very definition of amazeballs (if it's real, which I'm choosing to believe it is). Link

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