Friday, 27 May 2011

Lorra lorra links

Well, quite a few anyway.

Maru, King o' the Internet. Update. Link

Mr Toots, the unicorn who shits rainbow lasers of destruction. Link

Slow news day? Scoop of the mother fricking century more like. Link

Fabio says no smoking ladies. Link

Bahahaha, morons. Facebook fucktards respond with genuine incredulity to The Onion headlines. Link

Child and otter. I guess I should think that's terribly sweet but all I feel is a murderous jealousy that I never had that kind of bond with an otter. Link

Batshit Japanese game, looks fun. Link

Radical park ranger. Don't mess (watch from start). Link

Now THAT'S how a piano should be played. Skip to 1.00 nsfw Link

Fringe pong. Link

Emerald thank you for your invaluable contributions this week

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