Monday, 23 May 2011

You're welcome

Back from holiday. BOOOOO. Depressing stuff. I had a blindingly wonderful time which was only marred by my belief one night after six margaritas that I could and SHOULD sing Kiss by Prince at the karaoke bar. Insanely high-pitched caterwauling ensued and I am assured that my Grammy is in the post.

To dispel the post holiday wah wah wahs I give you ARMAGEDDON! We were talking about Richard Gere and the hamster rumour and my host recounted a story (which I'd already heard and retold to friends who said it was too preposterous to believe - suck it up doubters) about two gay guys in San Francisco who were having abominable fun times with some hapless gerbil; they end up in hospital with comedy injuries caused by the gerbil, a lighter and 'pockets of intestinal gas'. Click below for a recording of a radio news presenter trying to keep his cool while reading the story out. It's fecking funny.


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