Friday, 10 June 2011

It's Friday and Rebecca Black is nowhere in sight... links

This lady blows all previous Crazy Cat ladies OUT OF THE WATER. link
WOAH, hang on, this one perhaps takes the catnip biscuit... link

Synchronised sneezing is where it's AT in the creepy world of twin babies. link

An awesome book. How about some dream-related delight for your Friday? Scroll right. link

My favourite Metro story from this week (dwarf extra from Harry Potter exposes himself to a teenager after judging a croquet competition...) link

Spoooooky. And excellent  - Dyson's take on The Exorcist. link

BURRRRRN. Thatcher denies a meeting with old Shitbags Palin on the grounds that it would be 'belittling'. GO MAGGS! link

Forget Debbie Does Dallas - check out Darth (Vader) Does Disneyland. link

Angry Birds - fo real. link

This is too good to be true - Jack Dongaghy aka Alec Baldwin to run for mayor of NYC in the wake of weinergate. link

Woooooah, feel a bit sick. Hula-hoop-cam. link

Planking. It's all good fun until an Australian gets planked to death.

I'm gonna rip your head off and shit in your neck. 100 greatest movie threats of all time. link

Insideout bears. link

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