Friday, 29 July 2011

Bare bones

It's Friday, here're some distractions wot I found via the people I follow on Twitter.

Diary of a Call Centre Girl. This is excellent. link

Brits + the Internet = link

Computer mouse made with real mouse. 'Bout time. link

Winners of the 'awful opening sentence' competition. link

The shit people type into Google restores and destroys my faith in humanity. link

This isn't new but have some Thom Yorke doing PAINFUL dancing. link And then to make the boo boo better, have these twin toddlers dancing to Hey Ya. link

Meatloaf would do anything for love, but what won't he do? link

Dyslexie - they've developed a typeface to help people who can't read good, read better. link

Ouchie. Cracking rejection letter. link

If there's a better way to learn to speak English than watching this INSANE video, I'd like to know about it. link

When it comes to badvertising, it's best to keep it local. link

BID NOW! Painting of SuBo singing a duet with a cat. link

Stephen King on Lord of the Flies. link

How middle class is your holiday? link

Mugatu's brainwashing ain't got shit on this. I'm off to kill the Prime Minister of Micronesia  link

Some more Japanese crazzy-assedness. link

Big Cats with Cucumbers. link

Hi-larious - divers' faces, mid-dive. link

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Thursday, 28 July 2011


These neon movie posters by Mr Whaite are MUTHAFARKING EXCELLENT. They really are giving me top joy. His other non-neon posters are also brilliantly witty - go, scroll and enjoy. 

It’s the Wimbledon finals this weekend, so I thought this would be a suitable neon poster to mark the occasion. It’s the creepy scene from Strangers on a Train where Guy Haines (Farley Granger) is being stalked by Robert Walker’s murderous Bruno.
At a tennis match the crowd watch the ball play back and forth while Bruno remains motionless, staring menacingly across the court at Guy.
A classic Hitchcock moment - can you spot him in the crowd?

A neon poster for Jurassic Park - you’ll have to provide your own sound effects.
It would’ve been fun to animate a neon T-rex for this poster, but Spielberg does such a great job of building up the tension before he’s revealed - the classic cup scene seemed like a more appropriate image.
Besides, for The Lost World poster I get to animate 2 T-rexes pulling a man apart. Cool! 

A neon poster for The Shining.

Via Sell! Sell!

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Cor Blimey Kris Kuksi

 But for the grace of god and a semblance of social decency do I go and kidnap artist Kris Kuksi, find a basement and keep him in it until he's turned it into a crypt of creepy wonderment. In fact I can use the one at my grandmother's house which, usefully, is full of old crap, because Kuksi creates his extraordinarily detailed works out of 'assorted debris'.

Guillermo del Toro, Robin Williams and Fred Durst are all fans. But are they basement plan fans? 

Photos courtesy of Kris Kuksi

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Nailed it

Kia has created the world's first stop motion film using only nail art. What? I hear you cry, No one's made a film on fingernails before? Not even on toenails I tell you. This is a WORLD FIRST and it took 25 days and nights to create, using 1,200 bottles of nail varnish, 2 hours painting per nail scene and only five nail technicians went blind or jumped out of the window. Good stats.

Via Ad Freak

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Under the neon sea

Iora Tomita soaks weird sea-creatures in chemicals which 'paint' them. That's probably quite mean but  they're probably already dead and hell, it do look purdy.

Via Design Taxi

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Monday, 25 July 2011

Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird

This is utterly mesmerising; Festo have created a robot SmartBird which flies like an actual bird, not only that but the bionic bird, inspired by the herring gull, can take-off and land autonomously. Extraordinary stuff.

Via Toxel

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Friday, 22 July 2011

It's Friday, I'm in love and / or hungover

If the world were a village of 100 people. Incredible facto-graphics. link

Cat gif of the week. link

The rare and elusive toilet owl. link

This man has been counting and rating his sneezes since July 2007. link

Hideously creepy Harry Potter baby dolls. link

Billionaire sheik (whose 200 cars "Including seven 500 SEL Mercedes painted in the colours of the rainbow" are housed in a custom built pyramid) has his named carved into the sand so huge that it's visible from space. Anyone who says that man has more money than sense should jump off a cliff right now.  That is exactly what I would do as my first act as a billionaire. link

America's debt visualised. Wow. (I prefer to look at it as my billion, visualised.)  link

Boogie Woogie hedgehog. Crappy and enjoyable. link
N.b. hedgehogs also seem to be making a decent play of coup d'etating the internet offa the cats. My money's still on owls though. (link)

Benny Bennassi vs. Planet of the Apes. Yeeeeeeah. link. Btw for anyone who hasn't seen the trailer for the new Planet of the Apes movie... check it here. James Franco - OSCAR BAIT.

Disappointingly I couldn't find a video montage of all Ray Winstone's terrible American accents, spliced with Don Cheadle's HO-rrendous English ones because that is exactly what I feel like watching on this hungover Friday. For the next best thing I direct you to one of my blog posts from days of yore where Tracey Goodwin teaches you extremely convincing English accent speaking. link

Adam Buxton - a man who appreciates and has made me laugh about Winstone and Cheadle - being wonderful about YouTube commenters. link

Kim Jong Il has Big Macs airlifted to him in N. Korea. Fatty. link

As ever, thanks to those I follow on Twitter for the links and happy weekending one and all.

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Phwoar! Check out the hair on her chest

Making objects out of hair is usually unacceptable behaviour and these human hair necklaces by Kerry Howley are no exception. They are however very beautiful. Jewellery grad Howley said she hoped to create a delicate balance between aversion and attraction with them - job done. 


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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Here is a picture of a bee by illustrator Wowzer. Terribly sweet.


And here are some pigeons, drinking. Also by Wowzer.

Well I like 'em. You want more? Go here

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Monday, 18 July 2011

HELVETICA - 34 points with a Double Word Score

I like me some words but I'm not crash hot at Scrabble; I tend to sit and gawp at the little pew of letters mouthing nonsense words until I get distracted and then a bit cross, then I petulantly put down a really mundane and low scoring four letter word and accuse everyone else of being "a bunch of fancy-pants arseholes." Good times.

Perhaps playing on this beauty A-1 Scrabble board might lift my game a bit; it's designed by Andrew Capener, made in birch and walnut and steeped with typographical nerdery. Love.

All fotes courtesy of Andrew Capener

Via Fast Code Design.

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Music Monday - The Greeks by IS TROPICAL (their caps not mine).

This video is RIDICULOUSLY cool.

Below is the press shot to go with this single and here is an interview with the band.

Photo by Tom Beard. link

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday Folk, distract yo-selves

Jesus, what a fracking week. I am mainly staring at my laptop and the telly AGAPE at all this NewsCorp / Rupert "Monty Burns" Murdoch / Rebekah Brooks shit that is going on. Nevertheless, there have also been a number of important videos, stories, pictures and nonsenses plying their trade on the internets, and I present them to you below.

Rather large crocodile. link

Drunk baby trashes a bar. link

Underwater Love: "A soft porn musical, with heart." From Japan. W to the T.F? nsfw link

Beautiful women turn into trolls before your very eyes. Weird. link

First Person Tetris. Genius. link

This definitely wins the weirdest vid on the internet this week. Made me feel like I'd witnessed the preamble to some ritual murdering. In a good way. link

Pastafarian wins right to wear colander on his head. link

Ok, so they can grow teeth from stem cells now. Shudder. link

BRAT ATTACK. Girl gets given car but IT'S THE WRONG FREAKING COLOUR. link

Ohohoho, you think your husband / boyfriend / wife / whatever snores? Check out this fella. link

35 photos of hedgehogs taking baths, if that's what you feel like. link

Well I can often barely be arsed to open my own car door so... this looks great. link

Facebook in real life. link

Wonderful essays about awful travel experiences. link

Michael Bolton as you're unlikely to have seen him before. link And if you liked that then you'll probably like this.

Baby sloths are the best, they just lounge about in piles of food, occasionally scratching their asses with their long ol' finger claws. Good times in anyone's book. link

Here is the trailer for Fatal Deviation, an Irish martial arts blockbuster which cost many many tens of Euros to make. It is packed with action and possible inbreds. link

Thanks as ever to those I follow on Twitter for the links and have a good one y'all.

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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Apparel kids

So, this is a pretty sharp departure from American Apparel's usual advertising approach of putting underage-looking girls in semi-pornographic poses. AA's been in financial trouble and it'd be good for a company with some morals in the right place (good labour laws), to grow the fuck up, even if it requires some breakdancing kids to do so.

Directed by Tony Kelly for American Apparel from Tony Kelly Photography on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dustpan 'n' funnel

Now THAT is a good idea:

Wait for it...



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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Friday links on Tuesday.

Optical illusion in Paris - whaaaaa? link

Amazing Optical Illusion At Paris Town Hall

Beautiful Japanese girl, but something's up... link

I am your Grandma. link - especially this one.

FACEBOOK!!! link

Man gets drunk whilst blogging about monkeys - 10/10. link

This is funny. link

This is so weird, don't watch it if you're feeling fragile, it's just too strong. link

Suntory times is good times.These are serious outfits. link

Sam wants to be your rent-a-friend. Sam is pretty frickin' creepy. link

This can just replace all ad agencies. link

Camera strapped to a firework. link

Slo-mo cat tumble. link

Johnny Gold; kinda amazing and one for the ladies. link

Congratulations the internet, that fat guy won the modelling competition. link

Sketches of commuters. link

A more accurate London tube map. link

"Do you enjoy having kids?" Ryanair's Michael O'Leary: "No, I enjoy having sex." link 

A gentleman should never be seen to handle money, except in a brothel or a casino. link

Beer gif - lovely. link

News of the World special:
Interesting editorial on what this scandal means for Cameron. link
Murdoch and co get Downfalled. link

Thanks to a bunch of folk I follow on Twitter for the links.
- DW.

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Monday, 11 July 2011

It's Monday

Have some music.

WATSKY X FOSTER THE PEOPLE- Pumped up Kicks REMIX (Unofficial)

And go here to check out Watsky's insane pale kid rap skills.

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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Solar Sinter

Here's some 3D printing done in the desert and possibly on a budget by a mysterious and potentially sexy man named Markus Kayser.

What I like about this video is that 3D printing is going to become ubiquitous and not quite so gobsmacking pretty soon, indeed this article in The Economist thinks it's got potential to be a game changer as a new type of 'jobless technology', but Keyser uses the raw materials of 'sunlight and sand' to create glass objects and the way he films it has the right quantities of wonderment, magic and showmanship going on to really make me smile.

Markus Kayser - Solar Sinter Project from Markus Kayser on Vimeo.


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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Why, it's a MASTERPIECE Darling

Went with my ma and my friend Tibbs to the final day of the Masterpiece Fair at the Chelsea Royal Hospital yesterday. It was totally amazing and I took a fair few photos of my favourite things.

Baby Bugatti. My dad was lucky enough to learn to drive in one of these as a child as my grandfather used to be a racing driver. Beautiful.

Seaweed by Junko Muri. (n.b that website is secretive and marvellous)

These heads were by Takahiro Kondo, irritatingly my photos don't show it (that will probably be a theme for these posts because my camera is a tiny box of crap) but they are beautifully covered with tiny dew-like silver bobbles.

Incredible George III colonial applique tapestry 

The British Museum by Celia Pane - the light of this painting was quite stunning.

Full sized Spitfire. A snip at £4m, I spoke to a stallholder there who said he'd been bartering with them every day and got them down to £3.5...

And this here was a rather spooky and wonderful painting by Doug and Mike Starn:

And this was some kind of Inception magnifying glass set up:

Two vases in the Louvre by David Hockney. Peaceful stuff.

This was Tibbs' favourite painting because she spotted a dog shitting in it. Can't take her anywhere.

Some more to follow. I must apologise for the shoddy quality of some of the shots but hey, what can I do, feel free to buy me an SLR. Also, I was fairly hasty at writing down the names of the works and ENTIRELY neglected to note which stalls they were at which I imagine is some kind of faux pas - if you know, then please comment below and I will write it up accordingly. Fanks.

Also, I would like to note that Tibbs is far more cultured than I have implied above.

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