Friday, 29 July 2011

Bare bones

It's Friday, here're some distractions wot I found via the people I follow on Twitter.

Diary of a Call Centre Girl. This is excellent. link

Brits + the Internet = link

Computer mouse made with real mouse. 'Bout time. link

Winners of the 'awful opening sentence' competition. link

The shit people type into Google restores and destroys my faith in humanity. link

This isn't new but have some Thom Yorke doing PAINFUL dancing. link And then to make the boo boo better, have these twin toddlers dancing to Hey Ya. link

Meatloaf would do anything for love, but what won't he do? link

Dyslexie - they've developed a typeface to help people who can't read good, read better. link

Ouchie. Cracking rejection letter. link

If there's a better way to learn to speak English than watching this INSANE video, I'd like to know about it. link

When it comes to badvertising, it's best to keep it local. link

BID NOW! Painting of SuBo singing a duet with a cat. link

Stephen King on Lord of the Flies. link

How middle class is your holiday? link

Mugatu's brainwashing ain't got shit on this. I'm off to kill the Prime Minister of Micronesia  link

Some more Japanese crazzy-assedness. link

Big Cats with Cucumbers. link

Hi-larious - divers' faces, mid-dive. link

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