Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bit more Mastery

Loved this by Lisa Rutyer

And this by Julian Opie

And this photograph of a geisha drinking Coca Cola by Noboyoshi Akaki (interesting Guardian article here, he sounds like a naughty chap). Apologies for red flash.

This stall was like being in an Ayn Rand novel:

That's a fucking huge machine gun from the 30s

A model of the Chrysler building by John Elwell:

D-Type Jaguar model also by Elwell

A Bloomin' Stradivarius

One of Dali's Knights sketches. Without sounding like an art wang, I adore this.

Arg, this one's unamed, I thought it was Sea Eagle by Maurice Prost but I've looked it up and I think he must be responsible for the sculptures below.

Street Scene by Raoul du Gardier

Self Portrait by Tony Bevan:

Oh ho ho, now here is a necklace, pair of earrings and a tiara by Phillips of Cockspur made in 1885 in the style of something a little more Egyptian, using beetle wings. Want.

While you're at it see this Victorian dress made with 1000 beetles' wings. I think they'd go rather well together, or perhaps that'd be overkill...

Christian BĂ©rard portrait by Freud.

19th Century Indian thrones.

Nearly there kids, just a little more high falutin' culture and then we'll be back to the usual programme of weird crap from the corners of the internet.

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