Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday Folk, distract yo-selves

Jesus, what a fracking week. I am mainly staring at my laptop and the telly AGAPE at all this NewsCorp / Rupert "Monty Burns" Murdoch / Rebekah Brooks shit that is going on. Nevertheless, there have also been a number of important videos, stories, pictures and nonsenses plying their trade on the internets, and I present them to you below.

Rather large crocodile. link

Drunk baby trashes a bar. link

Underwater Love: "A soft porn musical, with heart." From Japan. W to the T.F? nsfw link

Beautiful women turn into trolls before your very eyes. Weird. link

First Person Tetris. Genius. link

This definitely wins the weirdest vid on the internet this week. Made me feel like I'd witnessed the preamble to some ritual murdering. In a good way. link

Pastafarian wins right to wear colander on his head. link

Ok, so they can grow teeth from stem cells now. Shudder. link

BRAT ATTACK. Girl gets given car but IT'S THE WRONG FREAKING COLOUR. link

Ohohoho, you think your husband / boyfriend / wife / whatever snores? Check out this fella. link

35 photos of hedgehogs taking baths, if that's what you feel like. link

Well I can often barely be arsed to open my own car door so... this looks great. link

Facebook in real life. link

Wonderful essays about awful travel experiences. link

Michael Bolton as you're unlikely to have seen him before. link And if you liked that then you'll probably like this.

Baby sloths are the best, they just lounge about in piles of food, occasionally scratching their asses with their long ol' finger claws. Good times in anyone's book. link

Here is the trailer for Fatal Deviation, an Irish martial arts blockbuster which cost many many tens of Euros to make. It is packed with action and possible inbreds. link

Thanks as ever to those I follow on Twitter for the links and have a good one y'all.

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