Friday, 22 July 2011

It's Friday, I'm in love and / or hungover

If the world were a village of 100 people. Incredible facto-graphics. link

Cat gif of the week. link

The rare and elusive toilet owl. link

This man has been counting and rating his sneezes since July 2007. link

Hideously creepy Harry Potter baby dolls. link

Billionaire sheik (whose 200 cars "Including seven 500 SEL Mercedes painted in the colours of the rainbow" are housed in a custom built pyramid) has his named carved into the sand so huge that it's visible from space. Anyone who says that man has more money than sense should jump off a cliff right now.  That is exactly what I would do as my first act as a billionaire. link

America's debt visualised. Wow. (I prefer to look at it as my billion, visualised.)  link

Boogie Woogie hedgehog. Crappy and enjoyable. link
N.b. hedgehogs also seem to be making a decent play of coup d'etating the internet offa the cats. My money's still on owls though. (link)

Benny Bennassi vs. Planet of the Apes. Yeeeeeeah. link. Btw for anyone who hasn't seen the trailer for the new Planet of the Apes movie... check it here. James Franco - OSCAR BAIT.

Disappointingly I couldn't find a video montage of all Ray Winstone's terrible American accents, spliced with Don Cheadle's HO-rrendous English ones because that is exactly what I feel like watching on this hungover Friday. For the next best thing I direct you to one of my blog posts from days of yore where Tracey Goodwin teaches you extremely convincing English accent speaking. link

Adam Buxton - a man who appreciates and has made me laugh about Winstone and Cheadle - being wonderful about YouTube commenters. link

Kim Jong Il has Big Macs airlifted to him in N. Korea. Fatty. link

As ever, thanks to those I follow on Twitter for the links and happy weekending one and all.

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