Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The last of the Masterpieces

Go and see Masterpiece next year when it's on, Tibbs and I realised we could spend a couple of hours looking at the exhibits, then take another turn for people watching. We also noticed a high percentage of handsome young men attending the stalls, which always helps. 

Here is Jeff Koons' Olive Oyl

A wonderful wire aquarium

Romeo and Juliet by Dali

Fanciest fireplace mirror scenario I ever did saw (Tibbo was absent as scale-master for this - it was VAST. And GOLD.)

Ditto this pimp assed billiards table:

And here's a big ol' globe. Tibbs and I played "You're allowed one item from each stall" as we were going around and realised that nothing but nothing would fit in either of our flats. Least of all these last three numbers. 

And finally, from the Theo Fennell exhibit, some things that would fit not just in my flat but right and delightfully on my delicate hand.

I have posted before about some of Fennell's skull rings; they're miles more excellent than anything else out there if y'ask me, which you should.
Below are Damien Hirst and Keith Richards - the Richards' skull is wonderful with half of Keef's face in silver and half of his skull in bone, a little bit Terminator, beautifully rendered (and shoddily photographed).

Part of Fennell's Heros and Villains range:

From top, L to R, Ghandi, Elvis, Lenin and Shakespeare.

And his Elizabeth I skull brooch.

Mawkish and divine.

That's all folks.

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