Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Why, it's a MASTERPIECE Darling

Went with my ma and my friend Tibbs to the final day of the Masterpiece Fair at the Chelsea Royal Hospital yesterday. It was totally amazing and I took a fair few photos of my favourite things.

Baby Bugatti. My dad was lucky enough to learn to drive in one of these as a child as my grandfather used to be a racing driver. Beautiful.

Seaweed by Junko Muri. (n.b that website is secretive and marvellous)

These heads were by Takahiro Kondo, irritatingly my photos don't show it (that will probably be a theme for these posts because my camera is a tiny box of crap) but they are beautifully covered with tiny dew-like silver bobbles.

Incredible George III colonial applique tapestry 

The British Museum by Celia Pane - the light of this painting was quite stunning.

Full sized Spitfire. A snip at £4m, I spoke to a stallholder there who said he'd been bartering with them every day and got them down to £3.5...

And this here was a rather spooky and wonderful painting by Doug and Mike Starn:

And this was some kind of Inception magnifying glass set up:

Two vases in the Louvre by David Hockney. Peaceful stuff.

This was Tibbs' favourite painting because she spotted a dog shitting in it. Can't take her anywhere.

Some more to follow. I must apologise for the shoddy quality of some of the shots but hey, what can I do, feel free to buy me an SLR. Also, I was fairly hasty at writing down the names of the works and ENTIRELY neglected to note which stalls they were at which I imagine is some kind of faux pas - if you know, then please comment below and I will write it up accordingly. Fanks.

Also, I would like to note that Tibbs is far more cultured than I have implied above.

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