Friday, 19 August 2011

Awesome-o Friday

I seem to have typed 'awesome' a lot in this post. What of it? I won't be shamed by you. Have a nice weekend.

Film plot cliches - as an infographic (an awesome one) link

WhatEVER Crufts, all the cool canines are doing puppy parkour now. This dog is awesome. link

Roly poly pony. link - scroll right. Awesome.

Fat man flies in the face of physics. link

An incredibly useful tool for getting around town -

Hate mail sent to a scientist from kids enraged that Pluto is no longer classed as a planet. Magic. link

Hmm, this is kind of awesome and kind of disgusting, as many of the best things are - swallowable perfume - you then exude the scent from your very pores. link

Sorry (*not*). How to pitch your apology. link

The new Frankencat. link

Split Family Faces - this is really weird and really cool. link

Giant coin makes things look small. link


Thanks Twitter. (You're awesome.)

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