Friday, 26 August 2011

Burn baby burn

So bitches, I'm off to Burning Man. Preparing for it has been logistical porn for those in my camp who enjoy logistics. I am more of a vague ideas and platitudes sort of lady and have thus contributed some ephemeral plots which I intend to pull off by the skin of the teeth of my pants. I expect big things, perhaps not quite this big, and I sure fucking hope Dr Dre follows up his threat of ripping off those naked hippies but essentially for the next couple of weeks I am out of radio and bloggio contact.

My bags are packed and several wigs have arrived by post - including a 'baroque beauty' one which makes me look like an orthodox jewish tranny - all in all I think it's going to be the sort of venture I'm unlikely to blog about in detail upon my return...

In the meantime, if you're in London and like cars, get yourself to the Chelsea Auto Legends show on Sunday 4th Sept at the Royal Hospital in aid of Help for Heros.

Smell you later suckerrrrrrs. I leave you with Bill Ray's 1965 photos of kick-ass bitchin' biker chicks from the Hell's Angels' Mother Chapter. Read more here.

Marc Campbell at Dangerous Minds puts it best:

While all of Ray’s photographs are extraordinarily expressive and strikingly composed, his shots of the women are the ones that really get to me. Badass, beautiful and forlorn. These chicks could eat today’s hipsters for breakfast. I want to know them.

I am actively in love with the broken-nosed girl in rollers.

Inside the Blackboard Cafe. Broken nose.

Via Dangerous Minds

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