Friday, 12 August 2011

It's Friday o'clock

This week has been a horrific shit show for Londoners and other England-dwellers. One of my greatest fears is (admittedly zombie-related) civil unrest but I have been left utterly baffled by what has gone on here. I simply can't get my head around the mindless insanity that possessed shit loads of kids and teenagers to go and loot the fuck out of our wonderful city and destroy anything they could get their hands on.

Some excellent black humour has arisen out of it all, as have some wonderfully human acts of kindness and bravery. For shaming the looters, I think you can't beat photoshop (see below), and for scaring the shit out of them to stop them doing it again, the results of a water cannon to the face should probably do the trick (not for the fainthearted).

The iPhone hand case. You know you want one. (Hands down the weirdest site I've seen this week.) link

Some disturbing gang photography. link

What have you got in your mouth Stacey? link

Heyzeus what a depressing letter - a reader writes to columnist India Knight telling her to be more like Melanie Philips (purveyor of bile in the Daily Mail). link

Creepiest gaddamn bike helmets I ever did saw. link

A Nazi-foxing t-shirt. What's not to like? link

Angry People in Local Newspapers - endless delight. link

The famous Russian inflatable sex doll river-race. Everyone's a winner here. link

Rioting. Hipster douchebag style. link

Feel that shudder? Yep, that's a full body cringe at the sight of this 55 year old executive rapping. link

Trustworthiness according to beard type - charted. link

Chihuahua playing pool. link

Some evocative shots from the rioting on Mare Street. link

Riot #FAIL link

The Edinburgh riot footage which is almost too shocking to watch. link

Booze scented soap? Where have you been all my life? link

Cat video of the week / year. Really love this. link


Cake making robot rocks my world. link

And here are my topical tumblrs of the week:

Interesting article on riot psychology. link

Finally, I found out on the internet this week that the German word "kummerspeck" means "excess weight gained by emotional over-eating" and translates literally as "grief bacon". Have a happy weekend everyone.

Update - here are two late additions. Very well worth it.
Dance like no one is watching. link

Thanks to folks I follow on Twitter for links, plus Roary and Dom for sending some excellent stuff over.

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