Friday, 5 August 2011

Sandra Bullock presents... the internet

Japanese Precision Walking. Uh huh. link

Information superhighway! MTV explains the internet in 1995 with the help of some celebrities. Mainly Sandra Bullock cos she was in The Net. link

PAAAAPER, Have you ever seen paper? link - speaks for itself.

This is what happens when you have too many iPads and too much time on your hands. Not that that's a bad thing.  link

Domestic nuclear physics. What could possibly go wrong? link and here's the guy's blog.

Wonderful video - 1 second of footage shot in shizen-loads of different locations around the world. link

Famous movie quotes as though spoken by a proper Englishman. link

The day Kilroy lost his mind. Disturbing. link

Beluga whale serenaded by Mariachis. Now I've seen everything. link

'Floating Island' filled with helium nicked from Secret Garden. Someone's pretty smug out there. link

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